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Dynamic Intelligence Development

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The human brain, like any other part of the body, can be trained and adapts to challenge, automatically improving its performance as well as increasing the speed with which it process information, intelligence reflexes and reaction.
Given the right training application-program the brains dynamic intelligence can be increased considerably.

English/Japanese bilingual radio personality Alan J (Peppler) together with linguist Gabor Fabricius with the support Dr. Zoltan Major, mathematician, have developed a new iPhone/ iPad application that efficiently increases dynamic intelligence and sharpen the brains algorithmic reflexes.
We have combined hearing, one of the major way thru which the human brain receive information, and visual/fingertip physical response to the sound information received thru the ears resulting in an entertaining and educational training program, available in four different difficulty levels, suitable for all ages from youngsters to highly educated adults.

The application, SayNumber is available on App Store both for iPad and iPhone: SayNumber download

Free version: SayNumberStart

SayNumberStart Also you can find the application searching App Store with search words saynumber or naruhodo.
Try it freely before installing the whole program by visiting: SayNumberStart



A background monitoring system, measuring your reaction time and response, showing your results and gradual improvement by an exact point system is an integral part of the SayNumber application.
Make sure you register your result after every time you run the program.
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Have fun improving your memory, attention, flexibility and problem solving capability.

SayNumber download